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At Sticks Research Agency, we can help you unlock the story of the past – and have great experience in the field of public history and engagement, cultural heritage and ancestral tourism.

Our research services

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Our experts can conduct detailed and comprehensive research in archives, museums, libraries and other repositories to put together a range of reports that consider the cultural and social heritage of a building, place or community, including biographies of key owners and occupiers. We also compile heritage appraisal reports for structures awaiting restoration or renovation.

Our architectural historians can analyse buildings and prepare illustrated reports, assigning construction dates, structural evolution and internal space usage alongside floor plans and build phase diagrams.

We specialise in the analysis of single listed buildings or entire conservation areas, covering all property types from all periods and including secular, ecclesiastical and industrial property. We work with a wide client base – architects, property developers, planners, heritage consultants, estate agents, surveyors and homeowners.

What we can produce

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We can provide a range of services to help our clients develop promotional and public engagement strategies. We specialise in creating cultural heritage experiences and exhibitions, animating historic archives or creating new resources onsite and online that enrich the visitor experience.

We also create digital engagement strategies for social media, marketing and general promotional purposes, building innovative web platforms and apps.

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